How do you know if your network is communicating with botnets or leaking sensitive data? Are you monitoring for operational regulatory compliance or corporate policy violations? Informer outperforms traditional network security products on the market because it highlights the most critical areas of concern, which are blind spots to traditional security products.

NetWitness Informer sets a new standard for network security analytics. As part of the NetWitness enteprise network monitoring platform, Informer is the application for enterprise-wide visualization, alerting, reporting and real-time situational awareness. Informer does not simply rely on log files, netflow or other limited data sets to generate alerts – it harnesses the pervasive knowledge of your network obtained by the NetWitness enterprise security platform.

By having every session, communication, service, application and user’s activity recorded, reconstructed and exposed for analysis, the possibilities are endless as to what answers can presented to your team by Informer. Zero day malware, botnets, policy evasion tactics, intentional data exfiltration, anomalous communications, compliance gaps, and other trends occurring on your network can become quickly apparent through Informer’s rules-based approach and dashboard. Informer uses a fully interactive and intuitive web-based graphical user interface (UI) for viewing alerts, charting and tiled views, and employing the hundreds of standard reports and alerts.

The UI also enables users of any skill level to quickly build their own custom alerts, queries, reports and rules. Informer is designed to immediately integrate into your existing security operations processes and deliver a level of real-time situational awareness that was previously unachievable.

A unique component of NetWitness Informer is Visualize. Visit here for more information.