The patented SearchPak® (U.S. Pat. No. 7,603,344) is the most powerful container of forensic search intelligence. It allows forensic examiners and analysts to precisely describe the forensic search or data exploitation to be conducted on a target system.

As a secure container, the SearchPaks® can be used to automate recurring forensic triage jobs, and shared among agencies or between forensic examiners and operators.

Here are some examples of SearchPaks that come with all of our tools:

Collect all images including those from containers (zip, email attachment, etc)
Identify pictures that have the most resemblance to indecent images of children (using visual analysis)
Collect chat log files
Collect email files
Identify common anti-forensic applications
Identify common encryption applications
And more... 
 It is also possible to create your own SearchPaks containing keywords, regular expressions, file properties, hash values, and visual signatures!